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Isi tulisan menjadi tanggung jawab penulis. kami mengundang para peneliti dan akademisi untuk dapat berkontribusi pada jurnal ini sesuai dengan tema tersebut diatas</p> <p>Akreditasi BAN-PT<br />BAN-PT No. 1403/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/V/2019<br />BAN-PT No. 34/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-PPJ/PT/I/2021</p> KONSEP BERBAKTI TERHADAP ORANG TUA YANG BERCERAI PERSPEKTIF AL-QUR’AN 2024-03-22T06:58:02+00:00 Maryam Qonitat Salwa Tri Safitri <p>Being devoted to both parents is every child's obligation. Islam honors the position of parents by setting obligations on them. However, some parents' marriage conditions are not ideal. For example: parents' divorce. It often has a negative impact on children's psychology, such as; due to lack of love from both parents, it resulted in children acting badly towards both parents. Meanwhile, this is not in accordance with the order in the Qur’an. The aim of this research is to provide solution on how to be filial to divorced parents based on the The Qur’an. This research was conducted by using qualitative methods and data collection using library research methods. The interpretation used the Maudhu'I tafsir (thematic interpretation) method, namely by discussing the verses of the Al-Quran according to the themes and titles that have been determined. The results of the this study show that in the Qur’an there are many verses related to Birrul Walidain. Moreover, Allah explains that there is no distinction, whether the parents are alive or dead, divorced or not divorced. A child is obliged to continue to do good or be devoted to both of them as long as they do not command disobedience. Among the solutions are; Re-understanding children about the concept of faith and God's destiny, understanding children about communication with both parents, education about filial piety to both parents, minimizing the causes of parental divorce</p> 2023-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Hak Cipta (c) 2024 Jurnal STIU Darul Hikmah KORELASI KONSEP AURAT DAN KESEHATAN DALAM PERSPEKTIF AL-QUR’AN SURAH AL-NUR: 31 2024-03-22T06:59:19+00:00 Suhartini Windy Widiyati <p>Allah commands Muslim women to cover their aurat except for the face and palms of their hands. This command is to protect women and society. However, there are still many Muslim women who do not cover their aurat properly, leading to various problems in both health and social aspects. This study aims to convey the wisdom from a health perspective based on the Quran, Surah al-Nur verse 31, which allows women to reveal their faces and palms. The method used in this study is qualitative research with a literature review approach. This research explains that the obligation to cover the aurat is not only to maintain faith and piety for women but also has health benefits. There are at least three health benefits that can be obtained, namely physical, mental, and social health. By covering the aurat, women can achieve physical health by protecting their bodies from dust, bacteria, and dirt, thus avoiding various diseases. The mental and social health benefits obtained are that a Muslim woman with a healthy mindset will willingly obey Allah's commandments. Socially, this will contribute to a harmonious community life.</p> 2023-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Hak Cipta (c) 2024 Jurnal STIU Darul Hikmah BENTUK NILAI MULTIKULTURAL DALAM KERJASAMA ANTAR PEMELUK AGAMA (Telaah Kritis Ayat-ayat dalam Perspektif Studi Qur’an Multikultural) 2024-03-22T06:55:55+00:00 Aprilita Hajar <p>In this discussion, the researcher examines related forms or ways in living multicultural values, with cooperation between religious believers, because cooperation will foster tolerance, which is already supposed to be done by every human being, because humans are social creatures, which certainly need others, and here the researcher discusses using the perspective of multicultural Qur'an studies. In this discussion, the researcher uses qualitative research methods, which rely on literature review, with inductive research analysis. The source used by researchers is the Qur'an, which serves to explain, strengthen and prove that the form of multicultural values, in fact, is already contained in the Qur'an. The results of this study are, that in the life of mankind there are multicultural values, one of which is to revive the concept of tolerance and also a form of cooperation between religious believers, this is done to create a harmonious life among religious believers, and this has also been explained in the Qur'an, especially related to the attitude of tolerance between humans, or between religious believers. This form of cooperation between religious believers is actually allowed, but in order to still pay attention to the signs or restrictions that must be obeyed, especially about anything related to the rules of worship in each religion, or matters concerning principles in a religion and belief.</p> 2023-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Hak Cipta (c) 2024 Jurnal STIU Darul Hikmah KONSEPSI BELAJAR DAN MENGAJAR DALAM AL-QUR’AN 2024-03-22T06:53:49+00:00 Al Firdaus <p>Learning and teaching play a very important role for the future progress of the Indonesian nation. There is still homework to be done by academics regarding this learning. A few days ago there was a commotion between motor gen. This makes a teenager brutal to slash to death another teenager. Another incident, we are sad to witness a teenager who yelled at his teacher. This incident raises many questions about what is wrong with our education system or what academics should do. The Qur'an since it was revealed responds to all existing events. The purpose of learning and teaching in order to illuminate the dark side of human behavior. Therefore humans are ordered to read events in this universe in order to give him a signal that humans without knowledge will lead to destruction. So it is important that this paper discusses the conception of learning and teaching in the Qur'an. So that the Al-Qur'an can provide educational enlightenment to the world of education today. The method used in the assessment is descriptive analysis combined with maudhu'i interpretation. While the data obtained through library research. Which went through three stages of description, comparison, analysis and development which in the end obtained conclusions according to the formulation of the problem and research objectives.</p> 2023-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Hak Cipta (c) 2024 Jurnal STIU Darul Hikmah GERD ANXIETY DAN TERAPI PENYEMBUHANNYA PERSPEKTIF Q.S. AL-BAQARAH: 153 2024-03-22T07:00:45+00:00 Mohammad Shodiq Ahmad Hunaya Mumtazwina <p>Health is an expensive blessing from Allah SWT that is often forgotten by humans. The prevalence of GERD Anxiety disease today has become a new phenomenon among society. Stress factors play a major role in triggering GERD Anxiety. GERD Anxiety is a disease that is closely related to mental health. Therefore, GERD Anxiety is a complex disease with many factors that cause it. If the main cause is not treated, the healing process for GERD Anxiety will be more difficult and even worsen the sufferer's condition. The effects of stress will result in GERD Anxiety. Stress levels are increasing, so the prevalence of GERD Anxiety in society is also increasing. The connection between the digestive nerves and the brain nerves makes it a key role in human mental and physical health. In this research, it is applied in dealing with the treatment of physical and psychological illnesses using the perspective of Q.S. Al-Baqarah verse 153. The hypothesis in this research is to explain to the public what GERD Anxiety really is, and explain the study of the scholars' interpretation of Q.S. Al-Baqarah verse 153 and also determines how to treat GERD Anxiety. The method used in this research, seen from its type, uses qualitative research methods, by conducting library research. Meanwhile, the writing technique refers to the guidelines for writing Scientific Work (Thesis, Journal) of the Ushuluddin College of Science, Darul Hikmah, Bekasi, 2022 and the General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling (PUEBI), 2016. The results of the research show that there are methods and treatments for treating GERD. Anxiety from a psychological perspective and the sufferer's stomach can be achieved through the Koran and Sunnah approach. In terms of spiritual medicine, it uses a spiritual ruhiyyah approach. Because basically, the Qur'an is syifa (medicine) for human spirituality and physicality and also a guide to life that humans can follow to overcome various kinds of problems in this world</p> 2023-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Hak Cipta (c) 2024 Jurnal STIU Darul Hikmah MENGKRITIK TUDINGAN ABAD KE-14 HIJRIYAH TENTANG SUMBER AL-QURAN MELALUI KITAB ULUMUL QURAN KONTEMPORER 2024-03-22T07:02:02+00:00 Muhammad Abdul Aziz <p>This study aims to identify some of the suspicions of the fourteenth century AH about the authenticity of the Qur’an, which come from the tongue of atheists and orientalists, and criticizing them through the books of contemporary Qur’anic studies. This study used the critical and analytical method, so the study will look at the value of these suspicions and the extent to which contemporary Quranic study books are concerned with these issues. This study, after analysis, installation and evaluation, concluded that the suspicions of the fourteenth century AH have no strong scientific value, but were invalidated by scientists with convincing and satisfactory arguments based on mental, transmission and historical evidence.</p> 2023-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Hak Cipta (c) 2024 Jurnal STIU Darul Hikmah